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Looking for a Glass Hearth?

Posted 24 Jun 2018
Why glass hearths shouldn't be used

Wood Heater Maintenance and Ash Removal

Posted 26 Nov 2014
Ash is a natural by-product of the wood you burn in any wood-heater. It may seem that it isn't much more than a nuisance, but there are some very important reasons to be diligent and careful about ash removal.

Alderlea T4 is finally here!

Posted 07 Nov 2014
Alderlea comes in 3 sizes: T4, T5 and the T6. The T4 includes a massive glass window for a panorama view of the fire, a cooktop, exceptional heat output and it is ease to use! It's high-powered, dependable source of heat with a traditional aesthetic charm and unmatched durability. The T4 is recommen

Vogue Heaters: A Unique 3 Burn Cycle

Posted 17 Sep 2014
For almost ten years, Mr Stoves Vogue heating range has been a market leader in wood heating technology. Our Vogue heaters employ a unique 3 burn cycle into all their heaters which allowed the Vogue Navara to win an Australian Design award in 1992 for its completely unique and revolutionary features

Mr Stoves Does Repairs

Posted 27 Aug 2014
Here at Mr Stoves we are passionate about the use and benefits of wood heaters and great service to all our customers. We understand that 'All good things come to an end' and sometimes your wood heaters will require repairs to keep them running in top condition.

Environmentally Friendly Heating

Posted 20 Aug 2014
At a glance, wood heating can often be seen as being non-environmentally friendly simply because of its production of smoke into the atmosphere, however looks can be deceiving. Here at Mr Stoves we use the latest technology to design the most advanced and fuel efficient firebox possible.


Posted 22 Oct 2014
At Mr Stoves we've been involved in the installation and supply of Air Conditioners for over 10 years. Throughout this period we've had the opportunity to be involved with many different brands; all claiming to cool and/or heat your home better than their competitors.