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How to Check the Moisture Content of Wood

Watch the video below, where we take you through the process of getting the most heat and efficiency from your wood.

The Importance of Test your Wood
Modern slow combustion heaters are extremely efficient and slow burning. For this reason, they are very sensitive to good quality wood. The quality of wood is measured by the moisture content and density.You should aim to use wood that has been split and seasoned (allowed to dry) for 12 to 18 months prior to being burnt. You should also only burn hardwood timbers, such as Ironbark, or Red Gum, as these woods are dense and burn very hot and for long periods of time.

The moisture content of your wood should be less than 15%. To test the moisture content of your wood, you should use a moisture meter. These can be purchased from most hardware stores and are relatively cheap.

Knuckle Test on the Wood
To check the moisture content of your wood, start by knocking on the wood with your knuckles. The sound of the knock will indicate if the wood is wet or dry (dry wood will sound hollow).

When testing the moisture with a moisture meter:

  1. Split the wood with an axe.

  2. Push the tips of the moisture meter into the wood to get an accurate reading. Anything below 15% is ready to burn.

We recommend asking your wood supplier what their woods moisture content is to gain a better idea of what your purchasing.


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