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How to Check your Door Seal

Please have a look at the video below or have a read of the transcript to gain a better understanding of how to test your seals.

The Importance of the Seals
The door seal on your slow combustion heater is very integral to its operation, as it allows you to control the amount of air that is pulled into the firebox. The more air, the hotter and faster the fire will burn. Being able to control the amount of air allows for total control over the burn time and continuous heat output.
Checking the seals on your heater is easy and can be done at home. You should check your seals at the end of each season to ensure they are still working correctly.

Checking the Inner Seal
To check the inner seal, take the door off your fireplace. Make sure the glass is clean. Place your palm and fingers of one hand against the glass and try and wiggle it within the frame. If the glass moves, this means that the internal seal is compromised and may need replacing. You should also visually inspect the seal for any gaps between the seal and glass where air can enter.

Checking the Outer Seal
To check the outer seal, place the door back onto the unit. Place a piece of paper between the door and the unit. Close the door, pinching the paper against the door frame. Attempt to pull out the paper without breaking it. If the paper cannot be pulled out or breaks, the door seal is functioning correctly. If the paper pulls out in one piece, your outer door seal needs to be replaced.


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