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Wood Heating - An Affordable Way To Heat Your Home This Winter

Wood heaters and Air Conditioning Systems are both effective solutions in warming your home, however there are positives and negatives to both solutions (for example air conditioning can also be used as a cooling solution, and wood heaters provide more ambience). Given the continuing rise of living costs and interest rates, it is also important to consider the difference in running expenses.

In Queensland, the average cost for a load of wood is approx. $300. If using a modern wood heater with low emissions (such as the Vogue Navara), a load of wood generally lasts for ~ 7 weeks when burning for 13 hours/day (5pm -6am). With this information, the average cost per night of running a low emissions fireplace can be determined:

7 weeks = 49 days
$300/ 49 days = $6.12
∴ The cost of burning a wood heater for one night is approximately $6.12.

When comparing this to a 10kW ducted air conditioning unit, which would heat a similar sized area to the Vogue Navara, there is a significant difference in running costs. Based on energy pricing in July 2023, the cost of energy during off peak time (overnight) is 27.27 cents/kWh (Canstar Blue, 2023). When running an air conditioning unit, it can be assumed the unit will require a high amount of energy (maximum input) to warm the house up in the first 5 hours of using the unit. For a 10kW ducted unit, this is approx. 4.5kW. The amount of energy the system will use gradually tapers off once the house has warmed up as the air conditioner does not need to work as hard. It will then generally use 3kW per hour for the following 4 hours, and then 2kW per hour for the next 4 hours. Using this information, the nightly cost of running a 10kW ducted system was calculated:

13 hour running cost = (5 hours x (4.5kw x $0.27))+ (4 hours x (3kw x $0.27)) +(4 hours x (2kW x $0.27))
13 hour running cost = 6.13 + 3.27 + 2.18
13 hours running cost = $11.60
∴ When running a 10kW ducted unit from 5pm - 6am, this costs approximately $11.60.

Overtime, the difference in nightly running cost adds up! During a three-month period of running your heater nightly, this would be a total saving of $460. Further increasing the appeal of a wood heater, they tend to last 25-30 years, whereas the life span of a ducted air conditioning system tends to lie between 10-15 years. So cut down your electricity costs this winter (and for 30 winters to come) and take a look at our Australian made Vogue wood heaters on our website here.


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