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How to Clean your Glass Door

Please watch the video below in order to gain a better understanding of how to clean your heaters glass without damaging it.

Reasons why the your Glass is going Black
When the glass on your heater turns black, this typically means that the wood being burnt is low quality and is being placed incorrectly into the unit. The three most important factors in making sure your glass stays clean are:

  • The level of moisture in the wood.

  • The type of wood being burnt.

  • The placement of the logs in the fireplace.

When cleaning your glass, it is important to not use any abrasive cleaning products, as these will etch the glass. Smoke will cling to these etches and this will cause the glass to develop a white haze over time. When cleaning, using a strong alcohol based cleaning product is recommended, as this will dissolve the soot rather than scratching it off!

For units that can remove the door:

  1. Remove the door from the unit.

  2. Spray the glass on the affected areas and let it sit for 30 seconds.

  3. Use a paper towel or a cloth that isn't abrasive to wipe away the cleaner and the soot.

  4. Hang the door clean and ready for its next use.

For units where you cannot remove the door:

  1. Spray the glass cleaner just above the affected area and leave it for couple of seconds.

  2. Wipe the liquid away before it reaches the edge of the glass as this may cause the seals to become brittle.

  3. If there is still some residue repeat until clean.

If you have any future questions regarding cleaning your glass please feel free to call one of our friendly staff for assistance.


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