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Vogue Wood Heaters - Made In Queensland

In 1990 Mr Stoves had a dream to create a range of products that represents Queenslanders - hard-working, good quality and good looking! That's how the Vogue range was born and ever since, we have been manufacturing the units in Queensland, for Queenslanders from all Australian parts.

The benefit of purchasing a heater produced in Queensland is the units are specifically designed to accommodate for the unpredictability of our winters. Some winter nights can be on the milder side whilst others cause us all to reach for the Ugg boots and say things we shouldn't repeat! The Vogue Navara, for example, has a large heating range so on those really cold nights you can have the fire roaring to keep you warm all night long. The unit can also be turned to low for those nights where it might not necessarily be cold enough for a heater but you still want the ambiance and cosiness a fire brings. Since 1990 Vogue has been getting better and better; in 1992 the Vogue Pintel and the Vogue Navara won design awards, in 2001 we introduced a new flue system to increase efficiency and in 2009 we unveiled the Navara Mk3 which boasts a large ash drawer for ease of cleaning.

In 2018, we have won an Australian Good Design award for the Vogue Navara Easy Lighting system which is now one of the most efficient wood heaters in the country boasting an average emission level of 1 gram per Kilogram of wood burnt.

Over the years we have also made a number of design changes and introduced new colour options to ensure the units stay up-to-date from both an aesthetic and technological perspective.

Visit our showroom today and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help to find the perfect heater for you, we might even give you a tour of the factory!

Vogue Sierra

Vogue Pintel

Vogue Navara

Vogue Navara Bench


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