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Pintel Deluxe

From $2295    including a 3.6m Flue Kit
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Product Description
The Vogue Pintel Deluxe, winner of the Australian Design Award, is the perfect solution to stylishly and efficiently heat your home.

Heating Area: 180m2 - 220m2
Box Size (W x D x H): 630 x 550 x 760
Flue Size: 6 inch

Made In Brisbane

Country of Origin: Australia

Availability:In Stock.

Product Features

The Pintel combines all the features of prestige and excellence that you would expect in a quality, classic wood heater. The advanced design of this fully fire brick lined, rugged steel heater allows you to burn wood with radically reduced emissions output, while maximising the heat yield.

All Vogue wood heaters are tested to the rigorous Australian Standard AS/NZ 4013. This standard requires for heaters to meet stringent efficiency and emission levels.

Standard Features:

  • Large east-west firebox for optimum viewing pleasure
  • Massive ash-drawer for easy cleaning
  • Full touch safe convection cabinet and modern steel construction
  • High efficiency with low emissions and reduced ash residue
  • Easy installation in new or existing homes
  • Environmentally Friendly: improved fuel economy and overnight burn capability

  • Additional Specifications:
    Weight: 120kg
Product Specifications
Heating Area: 180m2 - 220m2
Rear Clearance: 125mm
Side Clearance: 525mm
Minimum Hearth: 1050mm x 1050mm
Ash Drawer: Yes
Fan: No
Flue Size: 6 inch
Box Size (W x D x H): 630 x 550 x 760

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