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Stuv 6 Freestanding
From $ 6590
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30 Compact
From $ 8990
10% off Flue & Extras with this Unit

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From $ 8790
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From $ 11300
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Stylish and Functional - Create a Unique Focal Point in Your Home

Mr Stoves is proud to stock several ranges of European fireplaces such as Focus, Invicta, Skantherm and Stuv. These stylish European units become a unique feature in any home adding the aesthetic appeal of a roaring fire coupled with the stunning artistic shapes and colours these units are available in.

These units are excellent quality and designed to be functional art pieces, both heating your home and looking great at the same time. Available in a number of different styles, from the suspended design of Focus to the rotating design of Stuv, there is sure to be a European styled fireplace that will suit your home.

Designed for small, well insulated European homes, these heaters don't have the largest heat output, however, what they lack in heat output they make up for in style. They are guaranteed to be a unique focal point in your home.

European Fireplace - Functional Art for Your Modern Home

Invicta fireplaces have been Manufactured in France since 1924, Invicta is renowned for their elegant and tasteful fireplace designs. Choosing an Invicta unit is an investment which will reward with an abundance of comfort and there is no doubt that it will be the talking point for anyone that you invite into your home.

Skantherm wood heaters are also manufactured in France. Created with the highest of quality materials and most experienced designers these units will add something very special to your home. The Skantherm shaker highlights the visual impact of clean crisp lines and long tapered legs; whereas, the emotion series demonstrate their appeal with their slim silhouette design.

Stuv is the newest addition to Mr stoves range of European fireplaces. We were excited and captivated by the state of the art technology these units have available. Both the Stuv 30 Compact and the Stuv 30 have a 360 degree rotating firebox which allows for 3 modes of viewing and use: open fire, closed fire with glass and a fully concealed fire for optimal heat output. These units are also perched on a swivel base so the fire can be admired from any point in the room.

Mr Stoves has a great range of European wood heaters to suit any home or style. Unsure about the best options for your home? Contact Mr Stoves today on (07) 3375 1464 today.


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