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Gas Free Standing Heaters

FG39 - Medium Gas Freestanding
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Freestanding Gas Burning Heaters - Great Looking Flame and Heat

Enjoy the warmth and aesthetic appeal of flames at the push of a button with Mr Stoves range of free standing gas heaters. The realistic ceramic wood arrangements by no means compromise the visual appeal of our units. Unlike their in-built relatives, free standing gas fireplaces allow more placement flexibility, allowing you to position them almost anywhere.

Whether you are on two gas or off grid, these units can be used with both natural gas or LPG bottles. Highly efficient, they exceed gas efficiency requirements. These units require little to no upkeep. Unlike their wood counterparts, there is no flue cleaning or ash collection required; just press the button and away you go!

The Convenience of Gas in a Freestanding Look

Freestanding gas fireplaces offer the convenience of a gas heater, with the functional form factor of a wood burning heater. They can be installed into a home with relatively low impact, offering great heat output in a conveniently sized package.

Regency is a great quality Canadian made brand, designed to produce heat and a great flame visual. The firebox utilises a ceramic burner to create an extremely realistic flame pattern, rather then straight burners used in cheaper gas heaters.

Contact the Mr Stoves team today on (07) 3375 1464 for any questions or queries about freestanding gas fireplaces today.


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