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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you dealing with installations and COVID-19 Restrictions?
To keep both yourselves and our installers safe during installation, we ask that you keep a minimum of 2m away from the installers and ideally not occupy the same space during the install. The installers will clean down the area in which they operate after they are finished and will use gloves when interacting with any person or surface that isn't part of their own equipment. Face masks may be worn if required. If you have any questions, please contact Mr Stoves or speak to the installer on the day.

What is different about Mr Stoves?
We are Queensland's only independent wood heater manufacturer and have been since 1990! We look after everything from building the heater through to the installation. Our staff are technically trained over a 4 month period to ensure they can answer any question you have regarding the unit or installation. This is what makes us different.

Why are you better value than anyone in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast?
Unlike our competitors, Mr Stoves is fully QBCC licensed. We are trained experts in heating. This allows us to quote on all the installation costs and liaise directly with our own installers, saving you having to engage with them directly. As we manage our installation teams in house, we are able to keep our installers costs down, this generally make us more affordable and better value than a local installer.

Our installers are leaders in our industry and exceptional at their job so you get their experience and expertise in making the installation as quick and as simple as possible. You are also covered by our 12 month installation warranty which is coordinated by Mr Stoves. So if something were to happen you call us not an installer's mobile phone and we will get it sorted out. Our installation teams have over 18 years of combined experience, so you can rest assured that they will install your fireplace correctly and safely.

We also do not charge delivery costs to transport the heater to your home. Our installers will bring it out for you, which saves you time and money, avoiding the need for you to arrange delivery.

All of our free standing wood heater products include a standard flue kit within their price. This is a subsidised kit which again is a saving we can pass on because we buy our flue kits in bulk.

The other value you get is the satisfaction of buying direct from Brisbane's only independent fireplace manufacturer. Our wood heaters are made by Queenslanders for Queenslanders. This means that they are designed specifically around heating requirements and high energy wood (mainly Iron Bark) that is relevant to Queensland homes. Many imported heaters aren't designed for prolonged high temperature burns, which can lead to issues in the future. Our Vogue range of locally made heaters are designed with quality steel to withstand these temperatures. As you are buying factory direct, our range will allow you to have a very high quality product without the massive price tag of imported brands.

If you are getting quotes for wood heaters make sure you ask:
  1. What is the installation costs to my area?
  2. Does this include delivery and if so how much?
  3. If extras are required who charges for it and how much are they
  4. If I have a problem do I call you or the installer to resolve it?
  5. If I have a warranty issue who do I call?
  6. Is the heater you recommend correctly sized for my home?
  7. is the heater you recommend designed for use with Australian Iron Bark?

So if you are looking for a wood heater and you are researching or have shopped around give us a call or drop into the showroom and we can go through everything you need to know to make an informed and correctly priced purchase decision.

Can you replace the seals or the glass in my Wood Heater?
We can repair any flat door glass which has been damaged in your wood heater and hold all sizes of fibreglass rope and seal to fit it correctly.

We will need the door to be brought in so we can assess what needs to be done. Most doors will just lift off so it is easy to bring it in. It normally takes 10-20 minutes to do a door repair. If you are looking to come in on a Saturday, you will need to come early (we open at 8am) otherwise it might be a long wait. If your door is an unusual size (i.e. larger than 400 x 300mm), we may need to order in the ceramic glass specially for your unit.

What wood should I use for a Wood Heater?
In Australia, hardwood should be used in the heater to get the best performance. In Queensland, Iron Bark will give the best performance. Whatever wood you choose, the key to a clean burn with minimal ash and emissions is to use properly seasoned timber.

How do I know if my wood has been properly seasoned?
For wood to be seasoned correctly it must be split. If your wood is still in rounds it will have significant amounts of water held internally. Split the rounds and store in a dry area until ready to use. To test your wood simply use an inexpensive moisture meter on a freshly split piece and burn wood with a reading of 12% or less. Alternatively you can bring a sample in to us and we'll test it for you!

How often should I perform maintenance or cleaning on my heater?
There are a few elements of a wood heater which will require maintenance over time.
The flue can collect creosote/soot and it is recommended it is cleaned every 2 years to prevent disrupted draft flows or flue fires. Either a chimney sweep can help, or we sell brushes and other products in store.
If your unit has a fan this should also be dusted every 5 years to prevent buildup of dust, cobwebs and pet hair.
Fireplace bricks may start to break down and crack from rough treatment. Click here to see our video on how to recognise bricks in need of repair or replacement.

Where is the best place to put my heater?
The warmth from your new heater will move and disperse itself around your home very effectively. For this reason the best place to put your heater will be where you can get the most enjoyment out of it. Sitting down with a glass of wine and watching the flames is one of the greatest pleasures of owning a fireplace!

What is the right size heater for me?
The best heater is one one that will comfortably heat the whole home. Too small and you won't be able to feel the heat, too large and you won't be able to control it. We look at the size of your home, the style of construction and the winter temperature in your area to build a solution for your home.

Can I convert my old open fireplace?
The short answer is yes. Open fireplaces can be converted to slow combustion or gas heating units however, the complexity of the process can change depending on the size of the fireplace and your individual situation. For more information feel free to give us a call or read our blog on the slow combustion conversion process by clicking here.

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