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Supreme III

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Product Description
The Thermalux SUPREME has the largest hot plate area and oven capacity in the market.

Country of Origin: Australia

Availability:In Stock.

Product Features
The Thermalux SUPREME III is a high quality, two oven, slow combustion cooking stove with the largest hot plates and oven of any major cooking stove on the market. The original Thermalux Supreme was launched onto the market almost twenty years ago.

The SUPREME is built to last and is constructed from cast iron, heavy gauge steel and stainless steel components. The ovens are self cleaning and self ventilating, and provide even all round oven temperatures for perfect baking. The hotplates have space for six or more saucepans. Dual air controls together with flue damper and dilution controls provide swift response to temperature requirements.

  • Height to cooktop : 810mm
  • Width : 840mm
  • Depth of cooktop : 590mm
  • Depth overall : 670mm
  • Hotplate : 410mm x 500mm
  • Cooking Oven : 360mm x 350mm x 505mm
  • Warming Oven : 240mm x 350mm x 505mm
  • Firebox : 460mm x 320mm x 460mm
  • Splash Back : 1265mm x 600mm 250mm
  • Stove Weight : 290kg
  • Domestic Hot Water : 5kw
  • Central Heating : 20kw
Product Specifications

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