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Low Output Fireplaces


Electric or Bio-Ethanol

There are two types of low heat output fireplaces; electric and ethanol. Both have similar applications, however there are some functional differences between the two:

Electric fireplaces run an electric heating element and a fan system. They use a realistic lighting effect, digital screen, and fireplace burner medium (i.e. logs or crystal) to mimic a real wood fireplace. These units are remote controlled and produce around 2kW of heat (enough for a small living room). They can be run in visual only mode, where no heat is produced. Electric fireplaces can be started and stopped with the push of a button, making them extremely easy to use.

Bio-Ethanol fireplaces run on bio-ethanol fireplace fuel. This is a clear liquid fuel that turned to a vapour through a specalised combustion chamber. The vapour is lit on fire, creating a beautiful yellow dancing flame effect. These units produce minimal heat output. They must be refuelled upon each use and once extinguished, must allowed to cool completely before relighting. These fireplaces are a great option for those looking for a 'real' flame effect.

Low Output Fireplaces - Convenience and Style

As the name implies, low output fireplaces are primarily aesthetic, with minimal heat output. Designed from a looks perspective, these fireplaces are stylish and contemporary. Due to their design, they can be installed into new and existing homes with ease, as they do not require any flue or venting systems. This results in a clean, minimalistic look with maximum visuals.

Not sure which option is the best for your home? Contact Mr Stoves today on (07) 3375 1464 today and our knowledgeable sales experts will help you decide!


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