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990 Hybrid

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An all-in-one combo cooker, the Esse Hybrid combines both wood and electric components to create a real solution for all seasons.

Country of Origin: England
Availability: In Stock.

Product Features
Drawing from the classic ESSE styling of early 20th Century, the ESSE hybrid blends vintage aesthetics with modern convenience.

The left hand side of the Hybrid is completely wood-fired, with both the is hot plate and oven supplying heat and cooking energy. ESSE's classic stylings are ever-present, featuring Esse's glass door on the wood firebox, allowing you to your fire and release heat into the room.

The right hand side of the unit is completely electric and features two true ovens. The top oven can heat up to 240 degrees Celsius, with the bottom reaching as hot as 200 degrees Celsius. Each oven is controlled via an electronic thermostat. The large skillet hotplate on the right hand side is completely electric. Both the wood and electric side can be used in conjunction with one another, giving you three ovens and a massive cooking hotplate all at once!

Unit Dimensions
  • Height: 900mm
  • Width: 990mm
  • Depth: 600mm

  • Oven Capacity:
  • Top Right Oven: 42ltr
  • Bottom Left Oven: 32ltr
  • Bottom Right Oven: 30ltr

    Product Specifications
    Top Right Oven Dimensions:
  • Width: 340mm
  • Height 300mm
  • Depth 460mm

  • Bottom Left Oven Dimensions:
  • Width 340mm
  • Height 200mm
  • Depth 460mm

  • Bottom Right Oven Dimensions:
  • Width 340mm
  • Height 200mm
  • Depth 460mm

  • Hot Plates
  • Left Hand Side Heated by Wood Hot Plate
  • Right Hand Side Heated by Electric Hot Plate

  • Power Requirements
  • 15 Amps

  • General Information
  • Flue pipe diameter: 6″ (150mm)

  • Clearances:
  • Non-combustible material from sides 7mm (except when adjacent to Plus2)
  • Combustible material from side 30mm
  • Combustible material from back 60mm.
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