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From $9100    including a 3.6m Flue Kit
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Product Description
A unique fireplace with a patented three-door system, the Stuv 30 has three different heating functions, giving it the flexibility to suit any living space.

Heating Area: 150m2 - 200m2
Box Size (W x D x H): 770 x 610 x 615
Flue Size: 7 inch

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Product Features
The Stuv 30 is a unique fireplace that offers both fantastic practicality and stunning contemporary looks. Through the use of a patented three-door system, the Stuv 30 can be installed on an invisible swivel base, allowing the face of the fire to be turned to face any part of the room.

Standard Features

  • Unique, patented three-door system (open, glass-door, or closed stove mode)
  • Anti-dirt glass door protection
  • Fitted with a heat accumulator module
  • Highly efficient
  • Room air independent operation
  • Made in Belgium
  • Heating output of 6-12 kW
Product Specifications
Heating Area: 150m2 - 200m2
Ash Drawer: No
Fan: No
Flue Size: 7 inch
Box Size (W x D x H): 770 x 610 x 615

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