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30 Compact

From $7790    including a 3.6m Flue Kit
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Product Description
The Stuv 30 Compact is a smaller modern fire place, with its patented three door revolving system and swivel base allowing for flexibility in any home.

Heating Area: 60m2 - 80m2
Box Size (W x D x H): 465 x 447 x 1040
Flue Size: 6 inch

Country of Origin: Belgium

Availability:In Stock.

Product Features
This freestanding fire place is a perfect fit for a smaller modern home that is looking to add some warmth this winter. With its amazing swivel base, rotate the fireplace to face whatever direction best suits your room situation. Like the Stuv 30, it has a 3 door system keeping your viewing glass cleaner for longer.

Standard Features:

  • Revolving glass door stays cleaner for longer
  • 360 degree rotation to face any direction in a room
  • Comes with a built-in ash tray

Optional Features:

  • Fitted barbecue kit
Product Specifications
Heating Area: 60m2 - 80m2
Rear Clearance: 150mm
Side Clearance: 550mm
Minimum Hearth: 800 x 747
Ash Drawer: Yes
Fan: No
Flue Size: 6 inch
Box Size (W x D x H): 465 x 447 x 1040

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