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From $7200    including a 3.6m Flue Kit
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Product Description
If you are looking for a compact design that doesn't take manufacturing shortcuts or compromise on aesthetic appeal, look no further than the Skantherm Shaker.

Heating Area: 80m2 - 100m2
Box Size (W x D x H): 835 x 530 x 1035
Flue Size: 6 inch

Country of Origin: France

Availability:In Stock.

Product Features

It is natural for people and families to use the heat-giving fireplace as a gathering site, so why not do so in the presence of this modestly beautiful unit. The Shaker is more than just a stove - it is a modern interpretation of the home's hearth. Harking back to the days of functionality and simplicity while adding modernistic aesthetics, the Shaker's reduced design holds a diversity that will suit any home.

Visually, it features crisp straight edges and long tapered legs that extend the converging lines of the stove. Furthermore, the location of the loading door to the side leaves the glass viewing window entirely unobstructed. The option of a customised bench, as can be seen pictured, is available as an accessory and allows comfortably close proximity to the warmth emanated from the unit.

Thanks to the refined window flushing, the air inside the fire box flows directly across the internal surface of the glass to prevent soot deposits and ensure an unobscured view at all times. Available in a deep black, the small, compact size of the Shaker makes it suitable for every living situation.


  • Ideal for small to medium sized areas, with a heat capacity starting from 80 meters squared
  • Manufactured from high quality steel
  • Connection for external combustion air
Product Specifications
Heating Area: 80m2 - 100m2
Rear Clearance: 180mm
Side Clearance: 180mm
Minimum Hearth: 1435 x 1230
Ash Drawer: Yes
Fan: No
Flue Size: 6 inch
Box Size (W x D x H): 835 x 530 x 1035

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