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From $3295    including a 3.6m Flue Kit
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Product Description
One of the largest members of the Regency wood fire family.

Heating Area: 300m2 - 350m2
Box Size (W x D x H): 769 x 539 x 859
Flue Size: 6 inch

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Product Features
Regency Fireplace Products, founded in 1979, are a premium brand renowned for their custom elegance and controllable heat. The Hume will provide a dramatic wide glass view of an incredible fire while warming larger living areas. The firebox is specially designed to maximise heat output and is fitted with a 2-speed fan for extra circulation. The resulting heating capacity is an area of approximately 300 square meters, providing a stylish and functional addition to your home.

Standard Features:

  • Large glass viewing area (577x277mm)
  • Single rod draft control
  • Steel firebox with cast iron lining
  • 8mm steel baffle
  • Powerful 2-speed fan
  • Airwash system
  • Low emissions: 2.7g/kg
Product Specifications
Heating Area: 300m2 - 350m2
Rear Clearance: 210mm
Side Clearance: 400mm
Minimum Hearth: 1220mm x 1220mm
Ash Drawer: No
Fan: Yes
Flue Size: 6 inch
Box Size (W x D x H): 769 x 539 x 859

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