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Pacific Energy 

Neo 1.6

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The Neo 1.6 is capable of heating medium sized areas while also making a bold and modern statement with its contemporary design.

Heating Area: 180m2 - 200m2
Heater Dimensions (W x D x H): 690 x 512 x 915
Flue Size: 6 inch
Country of Origin: Canada
Availability: In Stock.
Average Installed Price: $5150
(including Delivery & Install, Tin Roof Flashing and Standard Flue)

Available in the following colours:





Product Features
If making a bold statement is on your agenda, look no further than the innovative freestanding NEO 1.6. Its tall profile makes for easy loading and a line-of-sight view of the flame, while its clean lines and bold design ensure it will be the focal point of any room. Choose from painted side panels or porcelain in a variety of colors that provide radiant heat in addition to the NEO's high-efficiency and unique finned heat exchanger. By incorporating a Heat Exchanger, the Neo has significantly increased the heated surface area - and in return you get more heat for burning less wood. Pacific Energy's solid steel construction with floating firebox and stainless steel baffle makes the Neo 1.6 a true heating machine.

A stainless steel top baffle, patented by Pacific Energy, incorporates the secondary air heated by the intense heat from your fire. This increases the temperature of the air entering your fire from 200 degrees Celsius to over 600 degrees Celsius, consequently incinerating any unburnt fuel (the smoke) into more heat.

The Cross Breed Baffle is the key to making the Neo Range of heaters burn less wood for longer and in a cleaner manner, as well as giving an incredible flame pattern. A painted matte black finish is the standard colour, however your unit can be customised with a choice of porcelain enamel coloured sides.

Standard Features:
  • Air Wash for Clean Glass Burning
  • Ash Dump System standard
  • 304 Stainless Steel baffle with 10 year warranty
  • Extended Burn Technology
  • Leveling Legs
  • Removable Cast Iron Trivet

Optional Features:

  • 125 cfm temperature actuated variable speed fan
  • Ivory
  • Stunning Red
  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steel
Product Specifications
Heating Area: 180m2 - 200m2
Rear Clearance: 120mm
Side Clearance: 250mm
Corner Clearance: 150mm
Minimum Hearth: 1120mm x 1120mm
Ash Drawer: Yes
Fan: optional
Flue Size: 6 inch
Heater Dimensions (W x D x H): 690 x 512 x 915

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