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Product Description
The Cocoon Pedestal model is a freestanding and portable fireplace, delivering a contemporary aesthetic.

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Product Features
The Cocoon Pedestal has three style options including stainless/black, stainless or black. With its easy mobility, you can create a slick atmosphere anywhere in the house at any time. It is the perfect fireplace for apartments, balconies and terraces.
The model's marine grade stainless steel finish allows it to withstand the outdoors to create a lovely outdoor entertainment area. Another perk of the fireplace is that it uses the environmentally-friendly fuel of bioethanol which doesn't produce smoke.

Standard Features
  • Combustion Chamber Capacity: 1.5L & burns up to 5 hours

  • Dimensions
  • Main body: Diameter 60cm, Height 38cm
  • Pedestal: Diameter 40cm, Height 36cm, Overall Height 74cm
  • Product Specifications

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